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Battlefront Main Play Mod (3.0)
Filename: main_play_mod.rar

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170.19 MB

Average User Rating: 8.5
Number of Votes: 13
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Battlefront Main Play Mod (3.0) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

This is version 3 of the "Star Wars: Battlefront Main Play Mod". It is the first part - the sides and mission.lvl file needed to run the mod. It makes the same changes as version 1 - new sides and heroes, but changes are made more universal. Several cut units (such as the Bothan Spy and the Clone Commander) have been restored, as well as new heroes and units.

Back up your original "SIDE" folder and your "mission.lvl" first.

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Battlefront Main Play Mod (3.0) - Screenshots  
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Battlefront Main Play Mod (3.0) - File Download Options  

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Battlefront Main Play Mod (3.0) - Readme  
Readme File:



I noticed the Dark Trooper is present on maps where you play as the Imperial 501st (Kashyyyk). THIS WAS A MISTAKE. I have changed it to Imperial Officer.

Some new heroes added, including Jango Fett on Kamino, Chewbacca on Kashyyyk and Darth Maul on Tatooine Dune Sea, and a couple of new modes to play - Hero Assault Clone Wars (Kamino and Geonosis), Galactic Civil War (Bespin Could City), and a Wookie Hunt on Kashyyyk Islands. It's not as graceful as the BF2 hero assault, or hunt modes, but it works for me.The Heroes now have the ability to capture command posts (it did not make the Geonosis Hero Assault map very balanced otherwise). Boba Fett's mesh has been changed (before I was using Jango's mesh, but now I am using Boba's). The AAT now has missiles as well.

Custom music from the first pack has been changed (hence why I did not upload it) to include some BF2 mixes, some TFU and new album mixes too. It's also got a KOTOR2 track in there somewhere. The custom music makes this a VERY HEFTY DOWNLOAD! There is just under 800MB of Clone Wars-era music, but the size is attributed to the artificial loops. Don't say I never treat you ;P - these files are going to be uploaded in 'packets' separately, but this time they will be uploaded.

I've reverted the clones on Yavin 4 to Phase I clones - ARCs are playable on the Yavin IV Arena map, regular troopers on Yavin IV Temple.


Hoth is fixed. It turns out the shipped script wanted the level to load the Imperial Probe Droid, which does not exist in the game (there is a placeholder, but Pandemic left this important placeholder out of the mod tools). And THAT was what caused the crash - a nonexistant file. I have informed the creator of the "BF1 Redemption" mod (wookiejedi) of this. I am also aware of a crash with the Jabba's Palace Addon in Clone Wars mode, I think I fixed it. I am aware Naboo Theed did not want to work either, but I fixed that too.


- Force Pull deals damage, but doesn't pull.
- I've noticed for some reason the Clone Pilot's model seems to 'pull' when it swaps for the Lowres. No idea of the cause for this, and I haven't seen it happen often.
- Even though Boba Fett and the Dark Trooper use the same jetpack sounds, and are in the same file, for whatever reason the Dark Trooper's Jetpack does not make sounds it's supposed to.
- Sometimes with the custom audio, static comes through. No known cause, so I can't fix it. Usually pausing and unpausing the game solves this problem.


Credits go to:

-Maveritchell for helping me to figure out sound.
-Pandemic for the Mod Tools, and LucasArts for the game.
-Pandemic and LucasArts again for the assets.
-John Williams for the music of the Star Wars Films,Mark Griskey for the music of The Force Unleashed, Jeff Marsh for the KOTOR2 Track (J'ekk T'arr tunnels or something like that)
-Everyone I asked for help to get this done (curse you Boba Fett for not working for so long!)
-I read through the credits of the Conversion Pack for BF2, and yet I found nothing on who made the Commander Gree outfit. So, whoever made it, thanks to you too.
-ARC_Commander for the BFX assets - Starkiller and the Royal Guard (reskinned to become the Shadow Guard)
-Taivyx for force pike


Unzip all files. You are left with four archives. If you run WinRAR, right-click and choose "Extract Here". I do not know the procedure for the other RAR-opening applications.

Place in your Data/lvl_pc folder. Backup the original ALL.LVL, CIS.LVL, GAR.LVL IMP.LVL, REP.LVL and WOK.LVL inside the "Sides" folder, as well as the mission.lvl inside the main folder, first. The FPM folder goes in the _LVL_PC folder, and does not replace any shipped first persons (just copy and paste the folder "FPM" into "_LVL_PC" otherwise the new first persons will not be used).

Place the contents of "Addon" in your addon folder.

The maps are in a separate set. Audio is downloaded in "Chunks". Both are OPTIONAL components.


The next pack will not feature the custom music, nor will it feature the levelpack. It will only be an 'addon'. I'd like to be able to get Yoda in the next pack (he did not want to work properly - he would appear but he would stretch, despiteme munging the skeleton for him anew)


This side mod alters the main four factions. Now, dependant on map, Clones have different skins, as do Imperials. Vehicles have been altered a little - changes to each are below.

Online compatibility is lost for this, but I hope I can make it worth it!

1. Changes:

- Heavy Trooper units have blaster rifles.
-Heroes are no longer invincible! And they're health has been lowered from ridiculously high (1000000, the original value! You'd spend the entire battle trying to wipe them out! So it's 5000 now, don't want it far too easy). I have also given them Force Powers back.
-New audio! This will be in a second file

- The Super Battle Droid now has his AV Rocket (which was removed from the main game)
- Main Play Assault Droid replaced by MagnaGuard. He is a bit small though (still figuring out how to alter that, I guess I should use scale command)
- The Sniper and Magnaguard are armed with Blaster Rifles as secondary weapons.
- The skins of the battle droids are changed to be more canonical - in main play, the Assault Droid is Droid Commander, the Sniper is Security Droid and Pilot is, uhm, pilot.
- The Vulture Droid is as Episode III.

- Different skins for different maps:
Bespin: 501st Skins
Geonosis: Phase 2 skins, ARC trooper is replaced by Heavy Trooper (blue skin)
Kamino: ARC Skins for the main infantry. Heavy Trooper is red ARC.
Kashyyyk: BARC skins for Sniper and main infantry, Gree skin for Heavy Trooper.
Naboo: As Bespin
Rhen Var: Galactic Marine skins
Tatooine: Faie skin for main infantry, Clone Shock Trooper (Coruscant guard) skin for heavy trooper. Sadly that skin was done before I got Photoshop, so it was done in PSP 4 (which seems about 100 years old in comparison). Same is for the Jabba's Palace extention.
Yavin 4: As Kashyyyk.
- Pilots are armed with a Commando Pistol as well as their DN Bolt Caster
-The Jedi Starfighter has been replaced with the Jedi Interceptor.

-The only real change is that Han Solo has been added to some maps instead of Luke. He is armed with that two-shot pistol he has in Battlefront II, and he is very accurate with it - he can be more dangerous that Luke! Imperials be cautious!
-I'm too lazy to implement other changes right now :P

- Changed the skins of the troopers on Kashyyyk, to match with the first mission in The Force Unleashed. Now, I own both the PS2 and XBox 360 versions, and I thought both were quite good, so instead of having to pick, I chose to incorporate both skins. So the Stormtrooper has his XBox 360 skin (basically a stormtrooper with a modified helmet, and that's it), and the Shock Trooper has his PS2 skin (A combination bewteen the standard stormtrooper and the 501st Clone trooper).
- We have the Imperial Officer on some maps! He has Blast Cannon, Blaster Rifle, EMP Grenades (sound is missing for explosion, I know!) and
-Boba Fett has been added into some maps, including the Tatooine Campaign map to fix a continuity issue (Vader was abord the Death Star during those events). He is armed with the same weapon he has in BF2, and a wrist rocket, so be careful if you play as the Alliance! For now, his mesh is Jango Fett's (they're similar) but it will be changed in a future release.
- The AT-AT has been altered a bit - AT-AT is capable of firing more shots, like the AT-TE. The AT-ST has it's secondary pilot's secondary weapon restored.

2. Bugs:

-Hoth: Echo Base no longer works. There is no known cause, nor is there a fix for this, I may see if it is the map itself, or the LUA.
-Localization is not possible for new units. The only 'new' unit to get localization is the Imperial Officer, since he was already localized in the main game, but was cut at the last minute. However, this localization issue is not carried over to the Jabba's Palace addon, for which I have included localization files too.
-Due to a bug in the router I am using, I am going to upload the audio separately.

Battlefront Main Play Mod (3.0) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Star Wars Battlefront Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 13 | Last comment: 02-23-2009 at 08:04

 #1 - 02-18-2009 at 18:06
From: (Naples, Florida)
Joined: January 9th, 2009
Posts: 62
Nice man looks good.

 #2 - 02-18-2009 at 18:23
Joined: January 26th, 2009
Posts: 229
idk, it looks like it's just mostly a bunch of skin changes (although the droids look really nice, Where did u get that skin/figure in 11?)
second question- I'm having trouble changing the 3d figures for the droids. What all in the odf do i have to change (i think im screwin up somethin with the skeleton)

 #3 - 02-18-2009 at 23:57
Joined: April 7th, 2008
Posts: 279
Well done ggctuk, this is simply beyond my standards, this is amazing !

 #4 - 02-19-2009 at 14:37
From: (Toledo, Ohio)
Joined: February 15th, 2009
Posts: 18
This is great! I love SBF 1!

 #5 - 02-21-2009 at 02:11
Joined: February 21st, 2009
Posts: 2
Just awesome man, but ive found two things to change, firstly you schould give the Clone-Heavy on Ren-Var which i supose is ment to be Baccara his Kama (the Skirt), because Baccara has got one. Secondly there should be a way to ignite the Time-Bomb BEFORE the timer reaches zero. I mean that it explodes when you shoot it, this would also make it impossible to disable, but you could let it explode before the Droideka on which you stuck it kills you!

All the Best Danny

 #6 - Best BF1 mod - 02-21-2009 at 02:56
Joined: September 14th, 2008
Posts: 349
This mod is the best one for BF1. I like what you did with the AT-ST, AT-AT, Vulture fighter, Jedi starfighter... and that you also changed almoust all the units and customized them for each map. In your earlier version, Hoth and Naboo Theed crashed (at least for me), but now I see that both works. Well done
Two Thumbs Down! Rock 10/10

-vivaEspaņa Beer! Beer!

 #7 - Sorry for double post... - 02-21-2009 at 02:58
Joined: September 14th, 2008
Posts: 349
In #6 I made an error and put Two Thumbs Down! . What I really meant is Two Thumbs Up!

 #8 - 02-21-2009 at 07:29
Joined: February 21st, 2009
Posts: 16
Probably the best mod out there. The problem is, I can't play Hero Assault or Hunt!
When i click on Kamino/Geonosis/Kashyyk, is there supposed to be another game mode coming up?
Anyway, I give the mod a 9.5, only because i can't play the other modes.
Two Thumbs Up!Rockwink

 #9 - Modes not released yet - still tweaking them. No kamas yet either. - 02-21-2009 at 12:41
From: (Farnborough, Hampshire)
Joined: October 5th, 2005
Posts: 139
Yeah, I have not released those 'modes' yet (it's in the readme). A few bugs to iron out - lack of Music on Geonosis Hunt and a crash for some reason on Mos Eisley.

As for the kama for Bacara, I would, but BF2 uses a different system for them - BF1 actually has the mesh for the ARC Trooper with a kama attached (so it is basically a cover for the legs) but BF2 uses a "cloth" property, which crashes BF1. If somebody could mod the models, perhaps attaching a kama to Bacara that acts like the BF1 ARC Trooper kama...

 #10 - Thanks - 02-21-2009 at 13:23
Joined: February 21st, 2009
Posts: 16
Thanks Man, I don't thouroghly read the readme.
And also, I have WINZIP and WINRAR, but the file opened with WINRAR.
So, I dragged the FPM file into the _LVL_PC folder, but I got these prompts asking if i replace the older files.
I clicked no, and renamed the FPM the mod had to FPM1.
I dragged n dropped FPM1 into LVL_PC, but i get no views for the MagnaGuard or the other troops that don't use the shipped FP views.

*Note: I saw the FP view for the Magna/Assault droid in the earlier version of the mod, but i imprted the FPMfile differently.

 #11 - Whoops 2 post - 02-21-2009 at 13:25
Joined: February 21st, 2009
Posts: 16
Sory for double post but,
hope you understand what i said.
When I said THE FILE OPENED WITH WINRAR, I mean the whole mod file.wink

 #12 - 02-21-2009 at 13:31
From: (Farnborough, Hampshire)
Joined: October 5th, 2005
Posts: 139
Ah, it's asking if you wished to replace the folders. Click yes, no other files will be replaced.

 #13 - It Worked. - 02-23-2009 at 08:04
Joined: February 21st, 2009
Posts: 16
Thanks, it worked. Now i'm really excited smilesmilesmile

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