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Ryloth: Nabat (0.9)
Filename: ryloth_nabat_0.9.exe

Date Added:
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25.04 MB
Maps > Beta Version Maps

Average User Rating: 7
Number of Votes: 12
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Ryloth: Nabat (0.9) - File Description  

Tech: 8
Balance: 9
Quality: 8
FunFactor: 9
Stability: 9
Creativity: 7
Item Placement: 9

Overall Rating: 8.4

THEWULFMAN makes his Filefront debut with Ryloth: Nabat, a map set in a valley on the deserty planet of Ryloth, where the Twi'leks live. It is apparently based on one of the Clone Wars series episodes. The map features lots of destructable buildings, new units for the sides, and a bunch of relocalized things.

The map itself is essentially a small village/town thing set in a valley between a bunch of mountains. Outside of the valley but on the same level there is a landing area with two gunships that serve as the clones' starting CP. The CIS start at the very other end of the town. There are a bunch of control points in the town and a few on the cliffs overlooking the town, which is a good place for snipers to camp out. Pretty much every building in the map is destructible, so go hog wild shooting at everything. Explosions are rampant, though since the buildings take a while to blow up the map will still be mostly intact at the end. The map is pretty well put together, especially for a first map. Terrain is smooth and natural looking, and the buildings are well placed.

Sides wise, you have your standard clones vs. droids layout. There are some new units for the CIS, who have a lot more than the clones do. Most of the units are equally powerful, so you really can't go wrong choosing one over the other. The units are reskinned also, and the skins are pretty good. Even those units that are stock have been changed up a bit, so it feels like a fresh new experience. Considering that the clones are probably the side most expanded upon and (in my opinion) overused, it's saying something that the units felt fresh.

Visually, the map is somewhat dark. It's not dark enough that you have problems seeing things, but it's noticeably darker than most maps. The palette of the map's objects is mostly brown and various shades thereof. Terrain is pretty much brown as well. The sky is a medium shade of gray and overcast. It's a very brown map, and visually speaking it is sort of boring, since everything essentially looks the same. Note that you will likely have to lower your view distance and LOD, since I was unable to run the map without my graphics settings lowered.

Overall, this is a pretty good map, especially considering that it is a first map. It manages to avoid almost every first map pitfall, demonstrates good mapping ability, and is fun to play. I would recommend giving it a download.


Ryloth: Nabat (0.9) - Screenshots  
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Ryloth: Nabat (0.9) - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Ryloth: Nabat!

Ryloth: Nabat (0.9) - Readme  
Readme File:
Remember people this is a beta,so Note to Beta testers, please email me with your opinions, I will release the 1.0 complete map later, improved with your feedback.
captainwulfmanthefirst AT mail DOT com please email with any ideas to help me,suggestions,ideas for Clone wars maps, or bugs.
ALSO please include your Gametoast Member name in the Email so i can credit you in the 1.0.

Conquest_c is fully operational
Ctf_c is still in delvelopement, but it can be played.
Uber_c is still under developement, but can be played.

another thing, I made this map with all the avalable assets I could find, i know its not accurate to the show but this is supposed to be fun so relax.

Most of you know this but in case this is your first mod map download, the follow these easy steps.
1. Copy and paste the RYB folder and everything in it into your addme folder located here C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddme ( if there is no addme folder there, create one.( NOTE YOU MUST HAVE THE 1.1 PATCH FOR MODS TO WORK )
2. Run Star Wars Battlefront 2 and select Ryloth: Town in your Instant Action map list, launch and enjoy!

Ryloth: Nabat

Clone Wars
The Techno Union has captured Ryloth, home to the Twi'leks. The Twi'leks are being starved and held hostage. Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu lead a massive assault on the planet to free it's people. Remember, we are here to help the Twi'leks, not destroy whats left of their homes, no rocket launchers or thermal detonaters.

- 100% custom/new textures for everything, 98% done by me, the door on the buildings was RogueKnight's. Some are only edited.
- 95% custom sides, only the CIS engineer went unchanged.
- 85% custom weapon effects/weapon ablities.
- 80% tweaked/revamped unit abilites.
- 97% destroyable objects, everything but the trees, as it makes the leaves disapear ( and rubble/rocks/derilicts are not destroyable )
- Many small chages to make it feel like The Clone Wars, like a B-1 battledroid for the main CIS rifleman, commando droids, and custom shield effect for droideka, Underhanded Chaingun for the Rep, changed sniper lasers to feel more realistic, Slower more powerful rifle for Rep Rifleman, Commander Cody secondary hero for Rep and loads more.

Known bugs and glitches/ things i will try to fix in the complete 1.0 version. *2.0 version additions planned
1. I don't even think this is really a bug, but the most the clones seem to want to follow you a lot at first if you walk behind them, don't know why. I seriously doubt this is fixable.
2. I do not use 1ST person ever so i don't know what works and what doesnt, yet. i will get the b3 commado first person setup though.
3. Some of the building and stuff are my models made with blender, most are ok but none have a lowrez model because blender doesnt do that and im cant use XSI right now.*
4. not all the building and stuff has its custom destroyed msh yet, although not everything will, a barrel doesnt need a destroyed msh '_'/
5. some of the collision geometry is not correct on the custom stuff, i can and will fix this.
6 The newest unit I added was the fire battle droid, still under testing, the two new units I made for REP are still undergoing early testing in test map, too early to add to main map. ( Clone Medic and Clone Specialist)
7. Almost everything is localized, but there is still more to do because Im always adding more.
8. 2-FLAG isnt fully tested, will fix the gameplay
9. I will try to add Twi'lek civilians running around.*
10. I will add 1-flag for sure, hero assualt, probably. GCW modes soon.
11. I will try to add the dark times rising son mod, amd KOTOR.*
12. I will try to add custom music.*
13. there are only a couple floating objects to fix.

Please report any bugs to me,My email address is
captainwulfmanthefirst AT mail DOT com

Credits;( in no paticular order)
Jesus Christ-------------------------------My lord and savior.
Gametoast--------------------------------------for keeping the best game ever alive for 5 years, heres to another 5, cheers. AND all of their patience helping me figure out my problems .thank you thank you thank you
TheDuke-----------------------------------Beta testing, Good ideas, texture advice, and plenty of patience.thank you
OOM-9------------------------------------- for the Dc-17 Clone Carbine
Dev*----------------------------------------For theEP2 Commander Cody (I reskinned him to be more accurate to the Tv series)/CodaRez - cody's visor, thank you
trainmaster611/Repsharpshooter-------------------The manned Deployable Turrets, I tried to get this to work on my own. I failed, so this was great guys! thank you
RogueKnight-------------------------------------For the Ryloth door texture, and the insiration for my textures of ryloth. thank you ( sorry you almost didnt get credit)
Syth----------------------------------------Imporoved chaingun animations for the Under Handed Chaingun( thx man its great for my clone wars maps!!!!!).
dev*/kinetos-------------------------------the great new commando droid model ( again anything clone wars is GREAT!!).
MasterSaitek009------------------------ for the weapons pack ( i uses the emp and gas grenades from it, although I modified them slightly).thank you
caleb1117-----------------------------------a bunch of the custom models are his( the barrel, the crate, the sink,, the counter and a bunch more,) thank you
Rends-----------------------------------------for the small building with the interior, you will see a few knocking about
YouJediJunkie------------------------------ for the "junkyard" building. thank you
Maxloef----------------------------------------for the LAAT/i from the clone wars without the two ball turrts and closed doors, now if only you had given the accurate LowRez...thx tho
*or Deviss, Im not sure which he goes by.


Ryloth: Nabat (0.9) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Star Wars Battlefront Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 12 | Last comment: 03-05-2011 at 10:33

 #1 - 09-05-2010 at 09:58
From: (Cambridge)
Joined: May 8th, 2009
Posts: 436
Really good map, really liked it. Good skins too. Just to let you now you put addme in the readme instead of installing to the addon folder. I expect that was just a typo.
For a beta I give it an 8/10 so it can only get better. Two Thumbs Up!

 #2 - 09-05-2010 at 12:11
From: (california)
Joined: September 24th, 2009
Posts: 26
If you ever decide to make a v2 of this, please fix Cody's visor. It's missing a tga file called helmet_envmap.tga.

 #3 - How I make work!?!?! - 09-05-2010 at 15:39
Joined: September 2nd, 2009
Posts: 44
How do I install this?

It downloads as an .exe, but there is nothing for the application to run!!

It keeps commung up 'File not found" when I run it,and it needs a program selected to run it... Wat program do I need to select to run the exe!

Why can't people upload these in the good old folders that are just copy paste-able!!

 #4 - Sorry, guys - 09-05-2010 at 16:26
From: (OHIO)
Joined: September 4th, 2010
Posts: 38
from now on I will upload as a ZIP, but in the meantime, if you cant get it to extract, download WINZIP. Its a quick and easy download for any cpu.

 #5 - @3 - 09-05-2010 at 16:29
jedikiller32 (Staff)
From: (Texas)
Joined: January 25th, 2006
Posts: 76
Did you add a .exe to the end of the file name? Our download system strips the .exe from some files for security reasons. Try that and see if it fixes the problem.

 #6 - What? - 09-05-2010 at 16:33
From: (OHIO)
Joined: September 4th, 2010
Posts: 38
not sure what you meant about the typo, jendo07. confused
The version of cody i have doesnt have a envmap, i checked, its not supossed to.
and the 1.0 version is going to come out later, this is a 0.9 betacool

 #7 - 09-06-2010 at 08:53
Joined: September 2nd, 2009
Posts: 44
Hey, thanks jedikiller, that worked. I just downloaded it again, but added the .exe extension to the file name and it is up and running, thanks again!

 #8 - @6 - 09-06-2010 at 10:28
From: (Cambridge)
Joined: May 8th, 2009
Posts: 436
Sorry, typo is short for typographical error or typing error. I was just saying you wrote addme instead of addon, that's all.

 #9 - oh.... - 09-06-2010 at 14:57
From: (OHIO)
Joined: September 4th, 2010
Posts: 38
i know what a typo is, but i didnt know where it was, thanks for clarifying

 #10 - 09-11-2010 at 12:45
From: (no one needs to know:P)
Joined: June 19th, 2010
Posts: 40
awesome. a clone wars mod is what Ive always dreamed of. arf troopers ftwRockRockDance!

 #11 - 03-05-2011 at 10:32
Joined: March 3rd, 2011
Posts: 22
this map is awsomeRockmy favorite map but i crashes

 #12 - 03-05-2011 at 10:33
Joined: March 3rd, 2011
Posts: 22
this map is awsomeRockmy favorite map but it crashes ALOT.

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