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Xagobah: Mazarian Assault (0.9 (Beta))
Filename: xagobah_betaff.zip

Date Added:
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285.65 MB
0.9 (Beta)
Maps > Beta Version Maps

Average User Rating: 8
Number of Votes: 28
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Xagobah: Mazarian Assault (0.9 (Beta)) - File Description  

Tech: 6
Quality: 7
FunFactor: 6
Creativity: 8
Item Placement: 5

Overall Rating: 6.4

Xagobah: Mazarian Assault is - despite its availability only in a beta version - a huge step up for author "superm9" on a number of levels from his previous maps. Based, according to the readme, on a Star Wars novel, this map takes us to the vaguely-similar-to-Felucia-with-a-hint-of-Yavin "Xagobah." (Which of course is eerily reminiscent of "Dagobah" and makes me wonder how two distinct planets got such similar names despite being very geographically separate.)

Anyway. For a beta map, Xagobah is fairly solid. The only prop-related bugginess I noted was the lack (or extreme darkness) of low-rez textures for the Yavin models. There were also missing sounds for the flyers, and the award weapons glitch was present on at least one unit (the basic battledroid) and will cause a freeze in your game. That particular glitch is really quite bothersome.

The map design, though, is pretty nice. While it is still a battlefield that might be a little large, it has a nice setup and doesn't feel too derivative of other SWBF2 planets. It has a nice rolling terrain and props and foliage are used well (maybe a little extensively, but that's more personal preference) to create the feeling of a jungle-plain.

The props used towards the CIS end of the battlefield could definitely be improved upon, though. The textures of the first wall don't really match up with the retextured Yavin pyramids/temples (which are themselves textured in an ugly flat dark grey). Some solid texture work could go a long way towards making those seem a little more cohesive. That side of the battlefield could also be tightened up a bit, right now it is very wide open.

The sides are redone versions of the stock sides, which are done fairly well (aside from, of course, the award weapons glitch). The only real exceptions I'd take would be the "blade" for the Clone Assassin's sword - as a semitransparent texture it looks silly - and the texture for Wat Tambor (which just doesn't look very good). To get a good-looking Tambor, you really need a new model (or at least some addon geometry). Also, some of the vehicles (dwarf spider and UT-AT) use different laser textures than everything else and it really seems out-of-place.

Anyway, it's a decent beta map, and worth your time checking out if it sounds interesting or if the screenshots entice you.


Xagobah: Mazarian Assault (0.9 (Beta)) - Screenshots  
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Xagobah: Mazarian Assault (0.9 (Beta)) - File Download Options  

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Xagobah: Mazarian Assault (0.9 (Beta)) - Readme  
Readme File:
Xagobah: Mazarian Assault v. 0.9
By Superm9
Hello, all! This is my third map I am submitting to SWBFFiles (and, I must say, much better than my previous two! :) ), and I am excited that I have the oppourtunity to (re)submit it after the fiasco involving Ziff Davis and the temporary shutdown of FF operations. Phew! Glad that one's over!

Anyways, on to the map. I have worked on this on-and-off for the last year or so, and I believe that it is ready to be released to the general public. I have already released it on Gametoast.com, and I am excited to release it here! The concept was based off of the planet Xagobah, described in the book Star Wars: Boba Fett #5: A New Threat.

This map was made how I felt all SWBF2 maps should have been made, especially the larger ones like Hoth and Geonosis. The stock maps only (by default) support 16 v. 16 spawned in, with few(er) reinforcements. This map runs 100 v. 100, with 1000(ish) reinforcements. Along with that, the map is fairly large, and easily supports five command posts, several gunships, multiple ATTE's and UTAT's (I actually had a problem keeping the command posts/walkers/flyers/hoverers under the limit), along with speeders, STAPs, Homing and Dwarf spiders, Hailfires, AT-RT's, etc. These all fight on Xagobah, which, in 20 BBY, is occupied by Seperatist forces led by Wat Tambor, the Techno Union Foreman, and General Grievous. The republic forces, led by Jedi Generals Glyn-Beti and Anikin Skywalker (both of whom, along with Tambor, Grievous, and Boba Fett (who was present at the battle of Xagobah, as you would know if you read the aforementioned book) are playable). The sides are rather customized and canonized, with too many changes and tweaks to list them all, but here are the main ones:

The droid infantry is now the Battle Droid, with the SBD taking the place of the magnaguard and is severely amped up in terms of power;

The droideka has had both its shield and its blaster strength amped up considerably (it also is rarer when compared to the other units);

The droid engineer is replaced with the Suicide Droid, which uses a bomb with an instantaneous blast that does a huge amount of damage over a large area (can take out a low-health ATTE);

The clones have had many models swapped out to be more canonical, and to follow the movies better;

The clone commander is no longer present; instead, the clone assassin has made an appearence, with a vibroblade and (much improved) stealth option.

The jett trooper has gotten a much-needed revamp, being given a much better EMP rifle in terms of total clips and ammo per clip, as well as a much longer jet pack;

The changes go on and on, some of which are hard to notice, and others which will jump off the screen at you; all of them improve gameplay, and make the map more realistic and fun.

The main battle zones can get very chaotic at times, and it is extremely fun to play - and it doesn't require you to always use tanks, as several units are amazingly good counters to them (suicide droid, any rocketeer (another balance tweak), etc.). I believe that you will enjoy the map considerably (sorry about the massive file size), so give it a download!




put folder XMA in: C:/program files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront 2/Gamedata/addon (if addon isn't there, make it)
To uninstall, just delete the folder XMA


Myself, Superm9
Caleb1117: various models
NeoMarz, Teancum, Vyse, Majin Revan: Clone Commando model
DooFi, t551, Psych0fred, Majin Revan: UTAT
dragonum: Kasyyyk assets
psychofred: dwarf spider droid
Redline: dead units
ARC_Commander, Master|Rancor aka MetalcoreRancor, Pinguin/Aman, Falco: Clone assasin
PsYcH0_]-[aMsT3r: sword saber (used for clone assassin)
Trainmaster611, Teancum, Repsharpshooter: manned drop turret
Wazmol69: various models
AceMastermind: General Grievous w/ cape
Commander_Fett: Beta Testing
Taivyx, for introducing me to SWBF2 modding (and for Beta testing)
Nova Hawk: Beta Testing
Jediguy: Beta Testing

Note: I only listed beta testers who actually posted responses on gametoast.com; if you downloaded the beta, but didn't respond, you aren't listed.

If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know!

Known Glitches:

sometimes when you start the map, certain vehicles (or all) will not allow you to aim their guns up and down
(they'll allow left/right movement); I find that the best fix is to just restart Battlefront 2. That usually works
(note: restarting the map DOES NOT work from what I have found)

Also, occasionally, the map will CTD (crash to desktop); I believe that this is caused by a rare overload of command walkers/flyers/hover-ers (is that even a word?).

Legal Stuff:
You can do whatever with this map, as long as you give me credit for it.

Xagobah: Mazarian Assault (0.9 (Beta)) - User Comments  
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 Expand#12 - @9 - Posted by: Maveritchell (Staff) - 04-06-2009 at 17:05

 Expand#13 - Posted by: RC_1207 (Member) - 04-06-2009 at 18:55

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 Expand#26 - wow im geting it!!! - Posted by: clone0136 (Member) - 04-13-2009 at 09:08

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 Expand#29 - Posted by: clone0136 (Member) - 04-14-2009 at 05:30

 Expand#30 - Nice looking map! - Posted by: 666rulerofclones (Member) - 04-16-2009 at 10:51

 Expand#31 - cood - Posted by: arnootie (Member) - 04-17-2009 at 11:31

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